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Cet album est un ovni musical que nous nous  réjouissons de vous présenter, concocté par un trio genevois inclassable! Que vous soyez nostalgiques du Velvet, Bowie, Lou Reed, Roxy Music et autres maîtres du genre, irrémédiablement curieux ou tout simplement afficionados d’un esprit rock’n roll irrévérencieux et un brin destroy, c’est assurément un p’tit coup de Pilot on Mars qu’il vous faut. Brut et déconcertant, sale et incongru, oubliez la perfection, ici rien n’est lissé, laissez-vous aller à un voyage vertigineux en vous raccrochant aux aspérités si vous le pouvez ! Enregistré à New-York avec la bienveillante complicité de Jon Spencer et Robin Girod, ‘Orchard Street’ tient ses promesses alliant blues, rock et punkitude avec une désinvolture déconcertante.
PRESS du daily rock:
This album is a musical UFO that we are pleased to present to you, concocted by an unclassifiable Geneva trio! Whether you are nostalgic for Velvet, Bowie, Lou Reed, Roxy Music and other masters of the genre, irremediably curious or simply afficionados of an irreverent rock'n roll spirit and a strand destroy, it is certainly a little bit of Pilot on Mars that you need. Gross and disconcerting, dirty and incongruous, forget the perfection, here nothing is smoothed, let yourself go on a vertiginous journey by hanging on to the asperities if you can! Recorded in New York with the benevolent complicity of Jon Spencer and Robin Girod, 'Orchard Street' delivers on its promise of blues, rock and punkitude with disconcerting casualness.
Pilot on mars au studio comme à la scène, guitare, synthé et boite à rythme en pognes, la tête dans le vent, les narines palpitantes d’une volonté de liberté qu’on avait pas respirée depuis longtemps. Par pitié, Messieurs, n’arrêtez pas cette virée, vous n’imaginez pas à quel point cet appel d’oxygène va bientôt nous être vital, dans cet avenir bien sombre où vous risquez fort de devenir des lumières d’espoir et de sincérité …
Oh, the big beautiful blow of heart that there is! Pilot on Mars jumps me face and soul at the bend of a web page, while I search Bandcamp in search of a musical nugget that is not a junk. It's on the space of the label Casbah Records that I smell the right track, discovering the amazed the very punchy Orchard Street and its five jewels. Between blues and rock, the EP of Pilot on Mars engages without hesitation on the steep roads of Kerouac and the beat generation, with in mind the desire to plunge into the roots of rock when he slept in the matrix blues. And these gentlemen succeed. It must be said that they are not small sizes.
Bastien Dechaume the guitarist comes from the KMA combo, Pascal Gravat the singer of the Mars band, one of the facets of the multidisciplinary artistic company Quivala. Let's add Joe Baamil to the keyboards. Dating back to 2013, their alliance is at the same time complicity, complementarity and rivalry in this raging exchange between the guitar and the voice, which returns from one track to another on synthetic rhythms, corrosive sounds
Songs captured in a take, played in the improv, to capture an emotion, a unique vibration related to the moment and place, an authenticity of the heart which, what a misfortune, the rock has gradually stripped while it was developing the modern music industry, thereby clearing some of its DNA. It is this moribund heritage that Pilot on Mars wants to revive vigorously, weaving a real "musical roadmovie" nuanced with multiple sensations and exaltations.

And the Swiss band succeeds brilliantly, in the studio as in the stage, guitar, synth and drum machine pognes, head in the wind, palpitating nostrils of a desire for freedom that had not breathed for a long time. For pity's sake, gentlemen, do not stop this trip, you can not imagine how vital this call for oxygen will soon be to us, in this dark future where you are likely to become lights of hope and sincerity. ...

Pilot on mars se définit comme un road movie musical. Auteur d’un premier EP à paraître le 10 novembre, le trio genevois a réuni à New-York un casting de taille : enregistré et mixé par Matt & Rocio Verta-Ray, masterisé par Yvan Julian, produit par Robin Girod, l’album affiche une liste de musiciens guests à faire pâlir : Matt Verta-Ray himself, Jon Spencer, James Chance et Robin Girod. Prenez Pascal Gravat, un danseur devenu chorégraphe, chanteur sincère et personnage déchiré, Bastien Dechaume, un guitariste malsain super cool et enfin Joe Baamil, un pianiste monstrueux qui a autrefois partagé la même scène que NTM avec son groupe de hip-hop. Puis réunissez-les à New-York. Direction le 164 Orchard St, Bsmt à quelques blocs de Greenwich Village et East Village. C’est ici, dans les NY-HED studios analogiques de Matt Verta-Ray (ancien assistant de Rupert Smith, travaillant pour la Factory de Warhol), figure emblématique du rock indépendant américain que sont réunis les Pilot on Mars. Nous sommes en décembre 2015, il fait froid mais l’ambiance est chaude. Imaginez : Matt Verta-Ray et sa femme Rocio Garcia, Jon Spencer ((Jon Spencer Blues explosion et Heavy trash), James Chance, Olga Trofimova, Robin Girod (Mama Rosin, Duck Duck Grey Duck) sont réunis dans la même pièce. Ils s’apprêtent tous à jouer et chanter sur le premier album de nos trois Suisse. Scène magique et challenge audacieux : une seule prise pour chaque titre ! Vertigineux pour les uns, essentiel pour les autres. L’objectif : revenir à l’essentiel, se rapprocher des racines du blues, en tant qu'attitude, mais aussi dans les sonorités en s’attachant à la simplicité des accords.

Pilot on Mars is defined as a musical road movie. Author of a first EP to be released on November 10, the Genevan trio gathered in New York a cast of size: recorded and mixed by Matt & Rocio Verta-Ray, mastered by Yvan Julian, produced by Robin Girod, the album has a list of guest musicians: Matt Verta-Ray himself, Jon Spencer, James Chance and Robin Girod. Take Pascal Gravat, a dancer turned choreographer, sincere singer and ripped character, Bastien Dechaume, a super cool unhealthy guitarist and finally Joe Baamil, a monstrous pianist who once shared the same scene as NTM with his hip-hop band. Then bring them together in New York. Head towards 164 Orchard St, Bsmt a few blocks from Greenwich Village and East Village. It's here, in NY-HED analog studios Matt Greena-Ray (former assistant to Rupert Smith, working for the Warhol Factory), emblematic figure of the American independent rock that are joined the Pilot on Mars. We are in December 2015, it is cold but the atmosphere is hot. Imagine: Matt Greena-Ray and his wife Rocio Garcia, Jon Spencer (Jon Spencer Blues explosion and Heavy trash), James Chance, Olga Trofimova, Robin Girod (Mama Rosin, Duck Duck Gray Duck) are gathered in the same room. all ready to play and sing on the first album of our three Swiss Magic scene and bold challenge: one catch for each title! Vertiginous for some, essential for others. The goal: get back to basics, to get closer to the roots of the blues, as an attitude, but also in the sounds by focusing on the simplicity of the chords.

Like spitting in the streets of New York, like shitty dogs that are avoided, like the heat that sticks to the skin of a summer in France, their sound is filthy and metallic. Hard and violent like the blade of a flick knife. Tough and fast, Pilot on Mars, the most unhealthy group of Geneva, in trio, will try the exercise of the unplugged ... and the race, we will go to the ride, the rise of speed, we will go on a trip under opium. Drugs, mixtures and strange sex. Screaming like James Chance's saxophone, stammering like the voice of Alan Vega. Good way to discover these three social cases if you had never seen them in real life!
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